Date: January 13, 2014

Author: Shaina Koren

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Christine + Richard’s Intimate Miami Beach Wedding Highlight

Every single detail of Christine and Richard’s Florida destination wedding was thoughtful and meaningful, everything from the super personalized stationery down to their first dance song - which was specially recorded for them, by up and coming Youtube singer Hanna Yi - a version of “Fly me to the moon”.


I love their love story - because they almost didn’t meet, they are from two opposite sides of the country and somehow they found each other, fate my friends. Christine and Richard’s wedding program was too cute, not to mention so here are a few of my favorite quotes from it.

From “Our Story” By Christine

“On my last day [visiting NYC from Miami], luggage in hand, I met my sister and her friend at a little deli in the Lower East Side to say goodbye. Over breakfast, Jen’s friend took out a bottle of Moscato from his backpack and a card. ‘This is from my coworker Rich,’ he said, handing me the card. ‘How sweet’, I thought to myself. The card was wishing us an amazing time in New York. I have always been a fan of handwritten letters and I loved his penmanship…Who is this Cali guy, sending us a bottle of wine all the way to NYC? …I had a plane to catch however, so off I went, back to Miami. Little did I know that a guy named Rich, from Los Angeles, would be arriving in NYC just a few hours later…”

From “Fun Facts”

“Rich has a love for the visual arts and is a talented artist and fan of independent film…”

I know Michael and Rich had some very meaningful conversations about film and our documentary project, so this little tidbit really meant a lot to us!

The entire wedding day was stunning - set at the beautiful Palms Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach, with the incredibly talented Erika Delgado Photography crew - this was truly a wedding to remember.



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