Our bride photographs the photographers for a special dance - Rebekah Hoyt Photography

The Time our Bride Became the Photographer: Hoyt Dance

So I’m not going to write a lot about this, mostly because Rebekah already published a beautiful blog post about her experience. See it HERE. BUT I wanted to share with you guys this short video of Rebekah and Matt of Rebekah Hoyt Photography being surprised by their Bride and Groom (and good friends), Alicia & Jimmy.

To sum it up, Alicia & Jimmy are good friends with Rebekah and Matt – Rebekah was Alicia’s dream photographer and asked her immediately if she could photograph their wedding. Being that they are friends too, Alicia and Jimmy found a super special way to surprise them at the wedding with a song they could dance to and enjoy. The song they chose was Rebekah and Matt’s own wedding song! Quite possibly one of the sweetest moments, ever! I wanted to share it with everyone because its so special – I’m not going to lie, I teared up a little – Okay maybe a little more than a little. Watch and enjoy :)

This gives me hope that when my good friends are getting married that I will be able to film & enjoy it with these kind of special moments sprinkled on top of all of the love and joy. :)



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